Renewable Energy for future generations
Alberta Wind Energy Corporation

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Corporate Profile

Alberta Wind Energy Corporation (“AWEC”) was formed in 2003 to develop independent wind farm projects. The Company is currently focused on developing four sites, taking a staged approach to power generation and shareholder value creation. In addition, the Company currently owns and operates two wind power turbines, with a capacity of 3.6 MW.

To date, AWEC has raised privately approximately $15,000,000 of equity and convertible debentures and currently has approximately 6 million shares outstanding.

In March 2009, AWEC signed a partnership agreement with Luxembourg Mainstream Renewable Power S.A.R.L, a subsidiary of Mainstream Renewable Power Company of Ireland, for the development of the Oldman 2, Windy Point, Waterton and Old Elm/Pothole Creek projects.

More recently our 100% owned Sharp Hills project has proceeded to stage 2 of the AESO interconnection process. The AWEC team continues efforts to lease additional locations for future wind and solar development.

Alberta Wind Energy Corporation is a member of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA) and is active in supporting the wind power industry in Canada.

To ensure renewable energy for future generations.

To create stakeholder value through the development of Canada’s world-class renewable resources.

Alberta Wind Energy has contributed to the development of renewable energy resources a for over a decade. Our number one focus continues to be the commitment to our business partners, land owners, host communities and the practice of environmentally sustainable development. Through local and foreign partnerships we are excited to be powering the current and future demands of the Canadian economy.