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Sharp Hills Wind Farm wins renewable energy purchase contract

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Corporate Profile

Alberta Wind Energy Corporation (“AWEC”) was formed in 2003 to develop independent wind farm projects. The Company is currently focused on developing several sites, taking a staged approach to power generation and shareholder value creation.

To date, AWEC has raised privately approximately $15,000,000 of equity and convertible debentures and currently has approximately 6 million shares outstanding. AWEC has partnered with large international renewable energy developers on numerous projects at various stages of development.

Alberta Wind Energy Corporation is active in supporting the wind and solar industries across Canada.

We know Alberta.

To ensure renewable energy for future generations.

To create stakeholder value through the development of Canada’s world-class renewable resources.

Alberta Wind Energy has contributed to the development of renewable energy resources for over a decade. Our number one focus continues to be the commitment to our business partners, land owners, host communities and the practice of environmentally sustainable development. Through local and foreign partnerships we are excited to be powering the current and future demands of the Canadian economy.

In Development

Windy Point Wind Farm

The 51 MW Windy Point project will be constructed on a contiguous 1920 acres of private farmland currently under long term lease.Wind testing on the site commenced January, 2006 and, to date, the measured wind resource supports the development of the project.

The Windy Point Wind Farm currently has a development permit from the Municipality of Pincher Creek, provincial authorization from the Alberta Utilities Commission and is construction ready. The construction of the project is scheduled for 2020 while being developed by the Alberta Renewable Power Partnership, a joint venture between Boralex and AWEC.

Old Elm Wind Farm

The Old Elm Wind Farm, located 10 km south of the town of Magrath, Alberta, consists of privately owned farmland leased in 2009. Meteorological testing of the site began in early 2010 with very encouraging wind resource measurements to date. The project is being developed by the Alberta Renewable Power Partnership, a joint venture between Boralex and AWEC.

Phase 1 of the project is slated for 60MW. It is expected the project may support up to a 300 MW wind park to be built once suitable transmission infrastructure is completed in the area. The Old Elm project is at Gate 3 in the AESO approval process and is waiting to finalize a transmission connection.

Sharp Hills Wind Farm

The Sharp Hills Project is a mid stage development project which was originated by AWEC, and later sold in 2015 to EDPR with ARPLP still maintaining an interest in the project. The project was successful in securing a 20 year contract within Alberta’s REP 1 competition for 250MW and is expected to be in operation by the end of 2019. More specifically the project site lies north of Oyen, Alberta in an area that appears to be very conducive to wind power development. Wind measurement studies commenced in late 2011 while AESO interconnection studies and permitting activities are currently underway.

A newly built 240kV transmission line runs through the project site with potential capacity for a 300 MW wind farm. Environmental studies and permitting activities are expected to be completed in 2017.

Other Projects

Oldman 1 Wind Farm

Phase One of the Oldman Project consists of two Vestas V80 turbines with an installed capacity of 3.6 MW. The two turbines have been in operation since March 2007.

Interconnection of the project is through the Fortis Alberta distribution grid. Capacity factors for the project have been in the high 30% range since the beginning of operation.

The project is 100% owned by the Alberta Renewable Power Partnership, and is operated by TransAlta Power Corporation and serviced/maintained by Vestas.

Oldman 2 Wind Farm

The 46 MW Oldman Phase 2 project operates on 1600 (648 Hectares) of private farmland currently under long term lease. Construction of the project began in September 2013 and commercial operation began in September 2014.

The project was originated by AWEC in 2005. From 2009 to 2013, the Project was co-developed with our joint venture partner, Mainstream Renewable Power. AWEC subsequently sold it’s interest in the project to Mainstream in 2013. Oldman 2 transferred ownership to the IKEA group upon COD in September 2014.

Future Prospects

AWEC continues to be proactive in searching for sustainable renewable energy projects. Ongoing investigation on several early stage wind and solar development projects are underway as we look to expand our portfolio both in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Project Map

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