Sharp Hills Wind Farm

Ownership Sold in 2015 - Alberta Renewable Power Partnership, a joint venture between Boralex and AWEC, retains a 30% buyback option
Location North of Oyen, AB
Scope Of Work Potential capacity for a 300 MW wind farm
Schedule Stage 3

Project Detail

The Sharp Hills Project is a mid stage development project which was originated by AWEC, and later sold in 2015 to EDPR with the option to buy back an interest in the project. The project site lies north of Oyen, Alberta in an area that appears to be very conducive to wind power development. Wind measurement studies commenced in late 2011 while AESO interconnection studies and permitting activities are currently underway.

A newly built 240kV transmission line runs through the project site with potential capacity for a 300 MW wind farm. Environmental studies and permitting activities are expected to be completed in 2017.

Project Map